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Computer Networking

In today's demanding working environment users need to access data quickly and securely. Whether you want to link multiple offices via a secure connection, work from home via Broadband or analogue connection, access data on business trips, or setup your office to enable infrequent office users to hot desk with ease, we can provide the solution.

Computer Networking

Networking is done in two main ways:-

  • Structured Cabling

Because Elite Computing Solutions is Molex CAT5E trained, clients can feel confident that any structured cabling done is to the highest standards and carries a 10-year warranty on permanent installations. Whether you are installing an office of 300 users or need a few extra points for new users or network devices we will be happy to help.


  • Wireless Networking

The increase in reliability, speed and range of wireless networking has made this a viable solution for office and home use. This solution is often recommended for:

  • Offices for infrequent laptop users who “hot desk”.
  • In buildings where installation of additional cabling is not cost effective or not permitted.
  • Linking offices in different buildings within close proximity of each other.